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The editorial committee of Historians of the Ottoman Empire, in consultation with the board of advisors, will directly request the participation of a number of scholars with a recognized knowledge of particular Ottoman authors. Applications from scholars willing to volunteer to participate by writing an entry might be considered at a later point.

Upon assignment of a given article, Historians of the Ottoman Empire will provide you with a preliminary bibliography, prepared by the project’s team of research assistants. This bibliography will typically include most of the manuscripts and editions of the author’s works, as well as many relevant references in secondary sources. While this bibliography is meant to facilitate your work, it is ultimately incumbent upon you to make sure that no manuscript, edition, or important study is left out.

On this occasion Historians of the Ottoman Empire will also request that you submit your entry by a given date. Considering the enormous editorial challenge involved in putting together, reviewing, and publishing more than a thousand bio-bibliographical entries in a very short period of time, we urge you to do your utmost to respect this deadline.

The editors, once they receive an entry, will review it for accuracy, style, interpretation, and contextualization. In order to facilitate the editors’ work at this stage, you must provide footnotes in the draft you submit; these footnotes will only be used for internal editing and will not appear in the final version of the project. You should also, insofar as possible, provide photocopies or digital images of the primary sources you used. After this review the editors may ask entry writers to shorten, lengthen, or partly re-write their text.

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